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Since the Firm was established in 1992, it has offered its clients personalized service that can only come from a deep understanding of our clients particular needs, goals and the regulatory and market challenges they face.


Our Firm focuses on legal and legislative areas involving surface water and groundwater supplies, water rates and contracts, water permitting and property rights in water, and environmental issues that include wastewater, waste management and materials management. Our regulatory and legislative practice keeps us at the forefront of state law and agency policy in these and a range of other areas.


In developing cost-effective and practical solutions for our clients, we emphasize innovation and big-picture thinking. We also respect the history and principles that have shaped our state and federal laws. Our clients include political subdivisions, local and international companies — water providers, wastewater providers, and water users — and nonprofit organizations, as well as individuals.


The Firm greatly appreciates that our members have had the opportunity to serve many of these clients for 10, 20, and even 30 years. We, of course, continually welcome new clients.


For more information about our firm, and its member attorneys and governmental consultants, please see the practice area information and resumes that follow.



5701 W Slaughter Ln


Austin, TX 78749

T 512.472.3263

F 512.473.2609

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